Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wintertime: Dry, Flaking Patches of Skin on Face - REMEDY!!

Last week, I had a problem with small dry patches of skin on my face with flaked and were a pain to use BB cream on. My usual serum and moisturiser didn't seem rich enough, and the central heating craze at the beginning of cold weather wasn't helping.

I've heard of crazy old ladies slathering Vaseline on their faces at night and tips online involving Vaseline masques resulting in dewy, glowing, even skin, so I tried putting a layer of Vaseline on the dry patches on my face under moisturiser. No dice - expected, since Vaseline is completely useless on my lips and seems to dry them out rather than do anything beneficial.

I was considering shelling out for a higher-end, richer moisturiser as I've never really experienced this problem before, and it was making me panic. The dryness began to itch and spread. However, I seem to have stumbled upon a remedy, which I'm going to share:

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick - on targeted areas, under your usual moisturiser.

It's literally
Palmer's (which I already use on my body) in stick form. It doesn't feel as greasy/gloopy/sticky as Vaseline (it's sticky, but it's a bearable kind that you'll forget about in a few minutes), it doesn't leave a high-gloss sheen (annoying), it's easy to use (swivel and swipe - no need to rub in if you're lazy), and after two days of using it, there are no more dry patches on my face!

It's great for protecting vulnerable areas of your face from harsh central heating and cold winds during the Winter. It smells gorgeous, melts into skin, and soothes dry skin effectively!
It doesn't slide around like Vaseline will, moreover it will last all day. Please do try it if you're having the same problem with dry skin!

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