Friday, September 27, 2013

Dorcas Barry

The aforementioned interesting facts:
  • Water intake goes to every organ first other than the skin, so your skin is a good indicator of hydration level.
  • Lemon tastes acidic, but it is actually an alkaline food - the citrus acid converts to alkaline. 
  • The Philips juicers designed by Jason Vale are apparently good. 
  • Rub kale together with lemon and salt to soften and make it easier to digest.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I got a new job recently, so why not!

Fast shipping, and the site is pleasant to use with adequate product descriptions - onto the haul!
Click for larger pictures! c:
  1. CUORE K-Pallet Cover Control Okuma Concealer in 02 Yellow Beige
  2. NARIS UP PARASOLA UV Cut Mineral Cool Powder SPF50+ PA+++
  3. MY BEAUTY DIARY Morning Whitening Pack 
REVIEW | CUORE K-Pallet Cover Control Okuma Concealer in 02 Yellow Beige     

I am running out of my Maybelline Pure Cover concealer, and I think it's not the exact right shade anyway so I went for this. Yellow tone is good for covering black/blue/purple dark circles. It works well enough for me (I have very dark shadows under my eyes), almost too well that it gives me a bit of reverse concealer, but I'm happy with the staying power and ease of application. Cute bear on the packaging too!

REVIEW | NARIS UP PARASOLA UV Cut Mineral Cool Powder SPF50+ PA+++     

I decided to try this because the MAC Blot Powder I picked up in Dublin Airport really wasn't doing the job - it seemed like it lasted about 3 minutes before my face got oily again (and I don't have oily skin). This NARIS UP powder has a cuter case with a mirror, and more useful puff (I dropped the MAC one twice in a week)!

This powder works very well and lasts the whole day for me, and I'm really happy with the SPF50+. One thing to note is that it gives a slight white cast and you need to reapply it around the mouth area (where it's easily wiped off throughout the day) or you might look weird, depending on how pale you are. It's a bonus for those who like the pale look, and I think the sun protection makes up for the white cast, which is definitely not as dramatic as the white cast of some BB creams. I'm happy with the purchase!

REVIEW | MY BEAUTY DIARY Morning Whitening Pack

This pack is great value - I got it for $25, and it contains:
  • My Beauty Diary Lemon-C Whitening Mask 5 pc  
  • My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 5pc  
  • My Beauty Diary Arbutin Mask 5pc  
  • My Beauty Diary Peach Repairing Lip Treatment 1pc

I've only tried the Arbutin mask so far - definite brightening effect, though you need to use it a few times. I accidentally laid it on my top lip and there was a whitening effect o__o; I thought the lip treatment was simply a lipgloss - it's a really cute peach colour which should flatter all skintones. It didn't feel sticky or oily and lasted well enough.

Let me know if you have any questions about the products or service! ?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hobotic Hollister [1 outfit]

hat: Sammydress
necklace: gift
top: Hollister
pants: [Hong Kong]

Saturday, July 20, 2013

do not be afraid [3 outfits]

jacket: Topshop (customised)
jeans: Penneys
flats: Barratts
bag: Religion

Nothing's ever lost forever

cardigan: Tesco
scarf: handmedown
pants: [Hong Kong]
bag: Coach 

No one's ever lost forever / They are caught inside your heart

dress: H&M
skirt: Penneys
flats: Barratts 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

time to let go of all we know

t-shirt: TWLOHA
shirt: River Island
cardigan: Tesco
pants: [Hong Kong]