Monday, September 26, 2011

my little airport 奇人的離職 Lyrics English Translation

my little airport - 奇人的離職 (A Wonderful Person's Departure) English Translation

Chinese lyrics: my little airport
English translation by Do not reproduce without permission.

Up until the end, you still want to leave,
I never urged you to stay.
Up until the end, you still want to break up,
I'm behind you, watching you leave, taking your puppy with you.

I'm afraid that you no longer like me, I'm afraid that you no longer speak to me, I'm afraid that you have another pretty girl, I'm afraid that you want to leave me, I'm so afraid that I cannot sleep, it will be over soon.

Up until the end I never spoke up, I just looked down.
Up until the end I never jumped off any buildings, I just wept.
Regarding love, regarding friendship, I will ignore it, ignoring you as you drift away.

I'm afraid that you no longer like me, I'm afraid that you no longer speak to me, I'm afraid that you have another pretty girl, I'm afraid that you want to leave me, I'm so afraid that I cannot sleep, it will be over soon.

Note: Bittersweet French again - "j'ai peur que tu ne m'aime plus, j'ai peur que tu ne me parle plus, j'ai peur que tu as une autre belle fille, j'ai peur que tu veux me quitter, j'ai si peur que je ne peux pas dormir, ce sera finir bientot.".

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glitter Gradation nail + DIY Lightbox

First of all, I dug out some old polishes (apparently too old - it damaged my nail!) and tried a gradation effect:

2 coats Anna Sui in black, 1/2 coat Arezia black with glitter particles, layering with Lizzie iridescent glitter in clear polish.

I promise I'll put more effort into editing in the future!! I upgraded to Photoshop CS5 recently, and it's still bare bones, meaning no custom brushes or anything.


In attempt to improve blog content, I've been looking extra hard at my favourite blogs, and one doable thing that stood out was photo quality. I don't have the best camera and I can't afford to upgrade to my dream Canon DSLR, so I thought about equipment instead - how about a lightbox for product reviews?

This was the guide I used, however I also found variations: using fabric or tissue paper to cover the sides, different arrangements of lighting, and one using foam boards instead of a cardboard box.


The sides are unfinished as I have no suitable material, and I laid a tissue on top for now :s

With this ghetto and incomplete setup, here's what I achieved with a bottle of Curious by Britney Spears (impromptu review: it's nice and very wearable, more floral than sweet, but it just doesn't suit me...):

The colour turned out yellow, I think I poked the lamp through the side instead of filtering it through the tissue. There's a weird unintended yet not unwelcome vignette effect. I used my sister's Cyber-shot for these (my own DSC-T30 ran out of battery).

This one is much better, again there's an unintended vignette effect. More lights would be useful for getting rid of the shadow at the bottom.

Anyone have other tips regarding lightboxes and product photography?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New header + Stats

The header I designed sometime before summer is finally up! (Version 1, that is!) Not that the promised overhaul is now capped, not at all - you also may have noticed the ads in the sidebar and below the most recent post - due to reasons which make me squee (outlined below), I've decided to implement AdSense, partly out of curiosity and partly to exploit this whole blogger phenomenon thing. (What?) Hopefully they're not too intrusive, as always I'm hungry for feedback.

According to StatCounter, [ flyktighet ] is now the top source for LMF lyric translations, so thanks to my readers for the hits. I'm including some stats for fun!
  • Google is the most popular search engine used to find flyktighet.
  • The most popular keyword is "lmf lyrics" - the most popular translation is LMF - WTF, which is the most popular page after the homepage; my translations rank #1 on Google for searches on "LMF - WTF in English".
  • The keyphrase "LMF lyrics" rank a respectable #5.
  • Pinyin lyrics are sometimes requested - if that search becomes more popular, I will consider romanising lyrics.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OOTD & HOTD (Haul Of The Day)

from my sister
leggings: UNIQLO
scarf: H&M boys



Yes. I needed a dependable pencil liner for one thing, and I thought I deserved a shopping trip before class starts again (well. It's already started).

Boyfriend-approved duvet cover set - hopefully you can get the pattern from the pic. It was on sale!

Cream jumper from Penneys - my obsession with nude-coloured items has diminished, but this looks so cuddly and warm that I couldn't resist.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black) - got a reward card too! 10% off everything in Debenham's right now. MINI-REVIEW: Not as black as I'd hoped, but it does glide. Put it on my waterline and hand just to see how long it'll last - will report back later! Usually I pat black shadow over liner on my waterline which makes it last forever, but it's not really good to do with contact lenses.

Carmex, strawberry-flavoured - I've always been fascinated by the strong smell of Carmex, but I'm happy enough with my Chapstick. However, strawberry... MINI-REVIEW: Slightly glossier than Chapstick, with the signature tingly feeling. Not sure about staying power yet, but I'll report back! Feels nice, no stickiness or wetness at all.

Maybelline New York Pure Cover Mineral Concealer in Natural - this was recommended by StyleSuzi, and I picked it up as I've never tried mineral make-up before and my L'Oreal True Match is running out (and expiring). MINI-REVIEW: Very blendable, buildable too. However the coverage doesn't seem to be as good as L'Oreal, though it is slightly more reflective. It's quite lightweight, think I may have picked a too-light shade. Works moderately well, but not a HG product; it's also NOT waterproof. Thinking of trying concealer by Origins next.


- The Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask: I've been on the lookout for a clarifying mask, and clay and charcoal seem like good choices.
- Botanics eye cream with almond oil: don't remember the full name, but lately I've felt that my Pond's Flawless White eye cream just doesn't cut it.
- NIP + FAB Dark Circle Fix: I'm dying to try this out as I have terrible dark circles. Sadly the Boots I was in didn't stock it.

I was being frugal, and I never buy anything without first consulting Makeupalley and my favourite beauty bloggers (feature coming soon?).

- electric blue.
- glitter nail colours (move over, crackle glaze fad!).
- Classique X by Jean Paul Gaultier - my teeny sample bottle is running!