Friday, January 28, 2011

-Black Swan

First of all, there was some douchebag sitting behind me who exhaled really loudly and was shuffling around or scratching his ass or something, hitting the back of my chair in the process. Cinema-goers, BE CONSIDERATE! Or else people will insult you on their blogs! That's the only audience-related thing worth mentioning. Oh wait, there were more than a few senior citizens there. I wonder what they thought of the...raunchier scenes. Take note, there are NO SPOILERS in this entry as usual.

Natalie Portman was so intense, she truly deserves all of the awards she gets. I really admire the training and work she went through for this role. She is painfully skinny and very frightful and tortured-looking. Secondly, I was genuinely scared at some points. Her house is creepy, the lighting is creepy, her mum is creepy, mirrors are creepy...Aronofsky does the thing a lot where the character stupidly doesn't look into a room before entering and closing the door, only to get a shock when he or she turns around. Except it works. I jumped at least twice. I didn't know that Winona Ryder is in this film, by the way. She's so underrated. Something about her makes me not want to take her seriously in almost every movie she's in (lol, Edward Scissorhands, Heathers...) but I completely do. She was in one of my favourite movies ever though, Girl, Interrupted.

Anyway, I was most impressed with the camerawork (duh). It's kind of weird that I'm so obsessed with camerawork. I am by no means a connoisseur, I don't know the proper names or techniques or anything. But I cannot help but notice how the camera is used, unless the movie is full of amusing teenage characters who use pseudo-quirky vocabulary, like Juno, Adventureland or Scott Pilgrim.

This movie is very good and worth watching, even if (like me) you decide not to watch it again afterwards (it's not really my type of movie). Mila Kunis fits into her role effortlessly, the music is great and loud, the ballet looks painful, the light gore is way more effective than the Saw-esque "hey look this dude's stomach is being hacked open and you can see his guts! this is completely not a realistic situation and does not scare me!", instead choosing to amplify Portman's haggard breathing while she rips a hangnail off (OUCH!!!!). It is often highly uncomfortable to watch, not unlike Hard Candy starring Ellen Page. The CGI work (warning: spoilers) almost finds its way to realism, Rodarte (love!) designed the costumes and I will probably have nightmares tonight.

Go and watch it. It must be experienced.

Am I back fr rl? I don't know. This entry may disappear sometime in the near future. I'm really bad with persistency on the web. Sorry.