Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pyramid Stud

Inspired by Bunney's high-polish pyramid stud accessories.

300 pyramid studs for €2.22 from eBay!

No need for a scalpel or pliers - these are 10mm and the prongs were pushed in (and pried up...) easily with a drawing clip, which happened to be in my pencil case. There are now three Bunney-style studs in a row on my pencil case, and above is my boyfriend's scarf which I decorated in the midst of a computer graphics lab.

Pyramid studs are commonly associated with punk subculture and fashion, but as Bunney has proved, a few well-placed studs can spell polish and minimalism. Now I'm on the hunt for conical gold studs à la Burberry Prorsum:

Source: Neiman Marcus

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