Saturday, September 17, 2011

New header + Stats

The header I designed sometime before summer is finally up! (Version 1, that is!) Not that the promised overhaul is now capped, not at all - you also may have noticed the ads in the sidebar and below the most recent post - due to reasons which make me squee (outlined below), I've decided to implement AdSense, partly out of curiosity and partly to exploit this whole blogger phenomenon thing. (What?) Hopefully they're not too intrusive, as always I'm hungry for feedback.

According to StatCounter, [ flyktighet ] is now the top source for LMF lyric translations, so thanks to my readers for the hits. I'm including some stats for fun!
  • Google is the most popular search engine used to find flyktighet.
  • The most popular keyword is "lmf lyrics" - the most popular translation is LMF - WTF, which is the most popular page after the homepage; my translations rank #1 on Google for searches on "LMF - WTF in English".
  • The keyphrase "LMF lyrics" rank a respectable #5.
  • Pinyin lyrics are sometimes requested - if that search becomes more popular, I will consider romanising lyrics.

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