Saturday, April 9, 2011

my little airport indie悲歌 Lyrics English Translation

my little airport - indie悲歌 (indie lament) English Translation

Chinese lyrics: my little airport
English translation by Do not reproduce without permission.

Professional musicians, they don't want indie music to take part,
Similar to rich people, will always ignore our poor hearts.

But I don't mind, although my heart is full of bruises, mainstream media is full of darkness.

Hating your people, will only continue to make you rage,
Liking your people, won't cause everyone to surface.

But you keep walking on, there's no point in asking how far, there will always be those who stay with you.

I want this song, to reach the airwaves, get the DJ to air a different sound.
But they have no sense of responsibility, I'm lucky if they air it, I can only blame my sound for sucking,
I can only blame my company for lack of funds,
I will never reach the public.

Even if I can't be popular, I want to carry on.
If I put out a CD, remember to help out.

Note: The woes of indie artists, humourously laid out. Buy their CDs!!

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