Monday, March 28, 2011

24HERBS 照做 Feat. Jin Lyrics English Translation

24HERBS - 照做 (Keep Going) Feat. Jin English Translation

Chinese lyrics
: Gugalyrics
English translation by Do not reproduce without permission.

I believe in spirit, I believe the heavens never leave a man without a way out
I believe that if we keep on going, we can do it
Take a heavy step on an endless road
Even if reality is harsh, look to the heavens
Survival's the sound of a battlefield
Cast off weakness with every step, learn to stay strong
Nothing you see will last forever, use every passing opportunity to develop your talent
Every person's life is a different script
Every person wants to stand out from other people
Why do people look down on you, how to get people to look up to you
How stay true to yourself in this society
Be strong, step out with your own attitude
Know that this narrow path will eventually lead to an open road
What will happen tomorrow, no one knows
All we know is to step out right now and do it

Keep going, we have our own path to take
Keep going, we have our own approach

*repeat once

A sliver of time equals a sliver of gold
Wherever you fall, stand back up at that spot
Don't be naïve, you can't wait for gold,
Once a chance comes by you must grab it

Failure won't make me lose heart, even if the road in front is long
Overcome fear, face it with courage, fight for your own success
With your own identity, defend your own duty
Like soldiers carrying out their objective in the midst of danger
In the face of enemies, about to die, yet keeping composure
You know you can do it (I know I can do it)
If I keep going, it's gonna be ok
As long as you're brave enough to try
If you're sincere it won't be too late, so all together let's keep going

(Drunk, Ghost Style and JBS parts)

This story teaches you to persist
Jin Au-Yeung, born on June 4th
First three phrases at 13 were "yo yo yo"
"If I wanna be an MC, gotta take the first step"
Hip hop and don't stop, it's my number one
I definitely won't regret choosing this road
So I spend every day in the studio, improve with every minute, every second
When I reminisce I remember so clearly
Having rapped for many years,
New friends don't understand, locked in my room just holding a pen
Just muddling around,
Parents told me, how about piano lessons
I love you mom and dad, more than you ever know
Even without support, I'll still keep going

Keep going, we have our own path to take
Keep going, we have our own approach

*repeat x3

Note: Jin's part is not in the official lyrics, which explains the gaps (I can't hear/understand) but I used earphones! Poetic license has been applied. This is my first attempt at lyric translation. Feedback is awesome.

P.S. I'm in the process of translating LMF lyrics!


  1. U should do more about 24herbs ;)

    1. I aim to! Not much time in the real world these days to do it, but stay tuned... :)

  2. Is there any way I can persuade you to translate 24Herbs "No Brothers".. or "Not Brothers", depending on how you translate the title! That is how difficult this is becoming. I have been trying, in vain, to translate this song myself for several months now, but, not being Chinese, it is nearly impossible. I have the lyrics translated phonetically in English, but, still no help. Too many variations and meanings to each word.
    Please....Help me!

    1. I'll work on it! I'm pretty busy so it won't be done soon, but watch out for it :)