Saturday, November 24, 2012



The MMM  H&M bracelet was the beginning... now I'm beginning to discover the type of jewelry I like. 

If I could afford it and if it were available to me, I would have staples from Harugin. Simple silver, skull motif.

I looked in vintage stores today. I like big statement necklaces and bracelets, which are somewhat unusual. Not too "glamorous" (too much bling or gold) or "ladylike" (too delicate or sparkly). Not too plasticky (I wish Fred Butler's designs were more backed with metals!). I discovered a Clare Bickford-Smith collection recently, which looked cool.

I fell into like with Vivenne Westwood due to the popularity of the jewellery in Asia and Japanese street fashion and J-rock/NANA, but I'm beginning to question it. It seems too common, not edgy enough - nice orb, but it's just "nice". Too wearable. 

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