Friday, November 18, 2011 reviews: Maycare Double Eyelid Eye Tape

For a couple of dollars, I bought a pack of Maycare double eyelid tape - for fun, since I have hidden double eyelids already. That is, the outer edge is visible, but overall not very dramatic or overly visible. There's no point in showing pictures of my eyelid, as everyone's eyelid shape is different. In addition to that, you can achieve different effects depending on the positioning of the tape; apply it higher for a more dramatic effect, but beware that it may cause the skin of your eyelid to fold over and lose the effect. Experimentation is key!

The pack contains 72 pairs of tape, nicely presented, including a plastic applicator similar to the one included with double eyelid glues.

From looking up other brands of tape, this one seems to be relatively discreet - it's not thick, doesn't have a strange pattern/airholes, nor does it leave any residue. It will last at least half a day (I took it off after that amount of time) and is quite comfortable - similar to wearing (well-applied) false lashes. I haven't tried using it with make-up on, but I imagine that I would first apply the eyelid tape, then stick to eyeliner and mascara only.

This is what I've gathered from my research on double eyelid tape brands:

- Nexcare: Most breathable.
- Eye Charm: Seems to have good reviews.
- Wonder: Not as big as Eye Charm, but more natural.
- Maycare: Moderately natural, inexpensive.

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  1. The reason why I avoid those products; eye tapes, eye glues and even false lashes are because they make our skin saggy! But yeah, experiments are fun :)