Friday, October 14, 2011 Melancholia hits Dublin

As usual, a review without spoilers.

Melancholia is uncomfortably moving, almost profound. My inexplicable dislike of Kirsten Dunst was cushioned by the always wonderful Charlotte Gainsbourg, and melted away completely during the second part of the movie. The small main cast (Dunst, Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, and Cameron Spurr as their little boy) and ending were genius. The sparse nudity is touching and natural rather than sleazy. The music blew me away - it's such a breath of fresh air when movie soundtracks feature mostly or only classical music (and NO cheesy credits song).

Despite the limited showings and lush imagery, this movie is not overly "artsy" or pretentious. Action movie buffs will squirm in their seats while romantic comedy fans will have their ideals rattled. Don't take it too seriously or search too deep for meaning, and you will have a wonderful, even if shaken, experience.

Favourite scene:
The conversation between Claire and Justine, during which she mentions "All life on Earth is evil." Could have been taken straight out of Donnie's that level of tangibility while touching on the topic of mortaliy: life is short, and how it's in human nature not to recognise it until it's too late.

Most shocking scene:
After the horses calm.

Favourite aspects:
The hair and make-up was divine. Reminded me of the finish in Black Swan. The location was beautiful, too - it was shot in Sweden, including Tjolöholm Castle.

Least favourite aspects:
The slow-motion intro stretched slightly too long for my taste.


Irish filmgoers: this movie is not being shown outside of Dublin. Within the city centre, you can see it in the either the IFI or The Screen Cinema - I recommend the IFI for its interior. Catch it before it's gone!


  1. i'm planning on watching it online (;_;''...because i don't know anyone who wants to watch it with me ): ) and i can't wait because people have said it's beautiful.

  2. Jane:
    This would be a good movie to see in the cinema alone! No distractions...also I can't imagine the same effect on a much-smaller screen :( Looking forward to see what you think of it, wherever you see it!